GDKC-6A Devre Kesici Test Cihazı

Devre Kesici test Cihazı

Genel Özellikler

  • GDKC-6A high voltage switch tester is used to test and analyze dynamic characteristics of

    circuit breaker.


    1. 5.7inch 640*480 color touch screen,high speed thermal printer.

    2. Integrated with Strong performance DC power supply, more convenient and fast for on-site

    use.Power supply voltage is 30-300V adjustable,current is 20A,continuos working time is 3s.

    3. Realize three kinds of test

    A. Routine test.Test close-open time,bounce time,corresponding period time of circuit breaker.

    Measure its close-open velocity,max.velocity,average velocity,open distance,over travel,total travel


    B. Re-closing test.Measure reclosing time data of open-close,close-open,open-close-open.

    C. Low voltage test.Measure voltage operation value of close-open coil.Power supply voltage can be

    adjusted continuously.

    4. Three kinds of close-open switch control mode

    • Support inter-sync control. Inner power supply output DC voltage to close-open coil.

    • Support external-sync control.External power supply provides voltage with close-open coil.

    • Support idle contact synchronous control.Switch power supply provides voltage with close-open

    coil,which inner side supply two channels passive idle contacts.

    5. With wave record function.Display fracture status-time curve,travel-time(S-t)curve,coil

    current-time(l-t) curve.It is beneficial for accurate judgment of switch fault.

    6. USB interface for PC.

    7. Simultaneously test 6channels fracture,1channel velocity and 1channel current.

    A. Test 6channles fracture data. Inner anti-interference circuit can withstand 10kV on-site.

    B. Test 1channel velocity.Linear sensor,angular velocity sensor inside,to test all kinds of HV switch.

    C. In the inner-sync mode,test 1channel current through close-open coil.

    8. Equipped with PC software,which can open test data to manage and analyze test data,also

    generate test report,and export EXCEL data.

    9. Built-in anti-interference circuit.Suitable to be used for 500kV substation.

    10. With dustproof and waterproof sealed plastic carry case,small size,easy to carry.

Teknik Özellikler

● Maximum velocity: 20m/s, Resolution: 0.01m / s; Accuracy: ± 1.0% of the reading ± 0.05.

● Test range of travel: 6mm-280mm.(6-700mm for optional)

● Min. resolution of travel: 0.1mm; accuracy: ± 1.0% of the reading ± 0.1mm.

● Time Test Range: 10ms ~ 15s.

● Time resolution: 0.1ms; time test accuracy: ± 0.5% of the reading ± 0.2ms.

● The same period difference resolution of min.movement: 0.1ms; Test Accuracy: ± 0.5% of the reading ± 0.1ms.

● Test channels: 8 channels including 6 channels fracture time,1 channel speed,1 channel coil current.

● Power Supply: AC220V ± 10%; 50Hz ± 1Hz.

● Operating power supply output: DC voltage 30V ~ 300V adjustable(DC 14-250V for optional), current 20A, digital program-controlled adjustment,continuous working time 3s.