Giussani Fluid100 -12 ~ 125 C Sıvı Sııcaklık Banyosu Kalibratörü

-12C ~ 125 C Sıvı Sıcaklık Banyosu

Ürün Detay

FLUID100 is a portable thermostatic calibrator used for checking thermocouples and PT100 in thelaboratory as well as in the field. It consists of an aluminium vessel whose capacity is about 400 cc and it is constantly kept homogenous by a magnetic mixer whose speed is adjustable according to the viscosity of the fluid used.

The FLUID100 oven doesn’t use external refrigerating liquids; the internal tank is heated and cooled by Peltier elements. The mixing process ensures a proper heat transmission and excellent stability and uniformity values; the large size of the input mouth makes it possible to test sensors of various lengths and diameters. FLUID100 is equipped with a new PID microprocessor controller with a resolution up to 0,01 °C, setting of the standard of  measurement in °C, °F e K, programming of ascent/descent ramps and storage of the thermostats’ operative temperature.

In the FLUID100-2I version, the instrument is equipped with an acquisition card having two adjustable inputs (Pt100 3/4 wires; thermocouples: J, K, N, R, S) with bushes fitted with gold-plated contacts and automatic compensation of the cold junction. The first input is provided for the reference sample probe, thus obtaining a complete calibration system
which can be certified by S.I.T. centres, in compliance with ISO 9000 regulations.
The second input is provided for probes that are being tested; hence, the instrument can display the temperature of the well, the temperature of the sensor to be checked and of the reference sample probe, at the same time.

Furthermore, FLUID100 is equipped with the RS232 serial interface; it can operate in automatic mode connected to the PC by means of the AQ2sp software which enables to carry out probe calibrations, thermostats test and cyclical life tests; test results can be stored and printed, so they are easily traceable in compliance with ISO 9000 standards.