Const 317 - Çok Fonksiyonlu Proses Kalibratörü

Direnç Ölçümü ve Simülasyonu Akım Ölçümü ve Simülasyonu Gerilim Ölçümü ve Simülasyonu Frekans Ölçümü ve Simülasyonu Pulse Ölçümü ve Simülasyonu RTD Ölçümü ve Simülasyonu Termokapıl Ölçümü ve Simülasyonu Basınç Ölçümü

Genel Özellikler


An innovative process calibrator, the ConST317  calibrators contains powerful task management function.
Remarkable Features
1, Smart phone-type, icon-based menu management
2, Strong tasks management functions:  supporting Info-management of gauges under calibrate, Parameter setup while calibration, Auto-executed while calibration, Data automated analysis, AutoMark of overproof point.
3, Fast saving calibration results?and Tasks download?upload available;
4, Thermal units exchange tool, which conforms to ITS-90;
5, Advanced automated cold side compensation technique:  Build-in cold junction heat preservation block; temperature variation tracing rapidly; and take the lead in realizing the calibration of cool junction sensor.
6, Reliable mis-operation protection technique: 30V mis-operation voltage can be bore between any two jacks. The test jack can bore 1A mis-operation current for quite a long time. After the mis-operation stopped, the calibrator will return to normal and no need to change fuse.
Other Features
1, Screen snapshot file saving is available.
2, Supports the calibration of square root transmitter and its display instrument;
3, Pulse frequency output is available;The calibration of Flow totalizer is convenient.
4, Use as high accuracy Pt resistance digital thermometer, Supports parameter adjustment of Ro, a, b and c
5, The rechargeable battery can be replaced, and it has a quite long continuing working time, 15hours.
6, Introducing 3.5 inch TFT color screen, English display.


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Teknik Doküman


An innovative multifunctional calibrator, the ConST317 calibrators contains powerful task management function. Through smart phone-type operation, it is definitely your good helper for your effective and convenient calibration.
Resistance measurement / simulation
Voltage measurement / generation
Current measurement /generation
Frequency measurement / generation
Pulse counting/generation
24 VDC loop supply
Switch sensing
RTD measurement / simulation
TC measurement / simulation