CONST273-02-GP15 1 bar %0.025FS Doğruluk Referans Basınç Kalibratörü

Basınç Kalibratörü

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The ConST273 is a high precision instrument controlled by a microprocessor and powered by an internal lithium battery or an external 10V DC adapter. Not only does the ConST273 calibrate pressure transducers and pressure switches, but has the function of sourcing 24V power and can also measures electrical signals. 

Advanced silicon technology delivers 0.025%F.S accuracy for ranges up to 700bar(10000psi) and 0.1%F.S accuracy for ranges up to  2500 bar(36000psi).   All of the sensors used in our pressure calibrators have been strictly aged and tested before final assembly.

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Opsiyonel Aksesuarlar

Item #        Description  
9702         Battery, rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery for const273
9814         Spare 110V/220V esternal power adapter (DC 9V) for const273 digital pressrue gauges   
9500         Log software for downloading const273 test results stored in memory   
9502         Log II real time logging and graphical software for const211 and const273  
9902         Carrying Case, for digital pressure gauge (up to 4 pcs gauges) 
9021         Spare two pieces test leads (1.5 meter) for ConST const273  
9050         USB to RS232 (DB9/M) Adapter       
9051-BIM  BIM ISO17025 approved Tracable Calibration Certificate (>10000 psi


◆Burst Disc testing
◆Precision pressure measurement
◆Pressure transmitters calibration
◆Pressure switch testing
◆Hydraulic leak testing
◆Pressure switch testing