Const 811 - Otomatik Taşınabilir Basınç Kalibratörü

Otomatik Basınç Kalibratörü

Genel Özellikler


Portable Automatic pressure calibrator Outstanding innovation:

1. Built-in electric pump, intelligent control,
2. source the set pressure fast and accurately,
3. Automatically source pressure and fine adjust,
4. Built- in Rechargeable Battery,
5. Compact Size and Weight: (5.6KG).


1 . Additional release valve can effectively avoid the blockage and leakage problems.
2 . All electrical jacks provide protection of 30V error input voltage and short circuit.
3 . Strong tasks management functions, lead to calibration, Data analysis and logging automatically.
4 . Large display and user-friendly interface


Teknik Özellikler




1. Calibration and maintenance of pressure instruments in the fields of Electric power, oil and gas,
petrochemical, metallurgical, and aerospace are available.
2. Calibration and maintenance of differential pressure gauge in the fields of Pharmaceutical, meteorology,
aerodynamic, electric, air conditioning are available.
3. On-site calibration in Metrology industry