GDYD-40 40KV AC/DC HIPOT Test Cihazı

GDYD-40 40KV AC/DC HIPOT Test Cihazı

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AC hi-pot testing is the effective and direct way to test insulation strength for electrical equipments,apparatus or machines. It checks dangerous flaws which assure electrical equipment continuous working.


Typical applications include testing of transformers, switchgear, cables, capacitors, aerial motors platforms, hot sticks bucket bricks, vacuum bottles and other related equipment like vacuum interrupters, blankets, ropes, gloves, hydraulics hose, instruments transformers generators.




·         Digital display panel mounted controls & indicators with easy to read legend.


·         Monitoring high voltage side voltage, low voltage side current and indicator of zero, power, working start, timing.


·         Over-current protection, zero-starting protection,sound and light alarm.


·         Continuously variable output from zero to full voltage.


·         Adjustable over current protection, with trip levels variable from 10 to 110%.


·         With new type time relay, time range is more wider (1S ~ 99H).


·         Using the latest current relay, more accurate and reliable.


·         Light weight, small size, easy to move.




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Ürün İçeriği

Control Unit

Testing transformer(HV unit)

HV diode

Microammeter&connection cable (To read DC current)

Discharge rod

Power cord

Metering cable

Output cable

HV cable

Ground cable

User's guide

Factory test report